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Career Transition
Career Transition is a proven process of assisting individuals to attain future successful career advancement. Whether it be re-employment, self-employment, or active retirement our objective is provide this assistance with the least amount of stress and in the least amount of time.

Our consultants have worked with individuals at every level from all industries and job functions. This gives an unmatched wealth of practical knowledge and expertise to share and guide individuals to maximize the success of their transition.

Personalized one-on-one consultations, dynamic workshops and seminars are designed to address specific needs and assist in a smoother transition to a substantially satisfying future.

1  Assessment and Planning
Assessing and defining skills, abilities and experience
Identifying career paths, interests and options
Building careers options, moving forward, closure and coping with change

2  Professional Résumé
Identifying transferable skills
Developing an effective résumé
Focusing on careers accomplishments
What to do, and what not to do

3  Work Search Techniques
Working with agencies and search firms
Writing strong marketing and cover letters

4  Interviewing
Process / Expectations
Answering tough questions
Negotiating job offers
Refining communication skills and interacting with interviewers