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Executive Search
Our consultants have over thirty years of business experience in large international companies, small entrepreneurial firms, as well as associations. Positions staffed are generally mid to senior level in a wide range of disciplines. We work closely with all candidates and clients during the process; guiding and connecting them to excellent career opportunities and ensuring successful new hires.

1  Identifying Client Needs
Discuss nature of client’s business
Review requirements and position specifications
Review qualifications and necessary experience
Discuss major competitors
Discuss fees and guarantee periods

2  Identifying Potential Candidates
Access an extensive national network of contacts and candidates
Prepare ad copy in desired publications
Screen qualified individuals
Conduct in-depth interviews
Handle detailed reference checks

3  Presenting Candidates
A short list of top performers is submitted to the client
Written profile assessments prepared
Detailed résumés presented with profiles
Interviews scheduled with client executives

4  Final Selection
Client makes the final decision
Assistance and guidance extended regarding terms of employment