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Joe de Mora
Vice President, Strategy & Coaching
Allen Prowse
Joseph Alan de Mora, BSc, MHSA (Masters, Health Service Administration) has considerable senior leadership experience, having held roles as the President and CEO in a number of public and private organizations and hospitals in North America (Kingston, Sudbury, Kitchener, and Saint John), Europe, Asia and Africa.

He served as Chair of both the Academic Health Science Centres of Canada (AHSC) and the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO)

He has developed a successful business providing strategic counsel, executive mentoring and marketing advice to organizations involved in developing product, facility and service delivery solutions for the public sector; including the development of strategic communication advice to senior leadership. In addition, his practice has included advice and counsel to corporations and projects in the Health Insurance and Construction industries.

He has lectured extensively in Canada and the US and abroad and has served on several private and not for profit boards.

He is motivated by the opportunity to assist organizational leadership to build effective strategies, teams, partnerships and relationships that improve service delivery.