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Rosemary Redfern
Career Transition Coach
Rosemary Redfern is a Career Management Professional with over 20 years experience providing clients with career transition support, direction and solutions as a result of job loss or for career planning and self marketing purposes. As a Consultant, Rosemary has provided career transition support to corporate clients, in a broad range of industries, who were facing downsizing, restructuring or navigating changes to meet organizational objectives. As a one-on-one coach, Rosemary has worked with all levels and empowered her clients in their strategic decision making for both personal growth and career direction purposes. As a workshop leader, Rosemary facilitated topics on all aspects of job search strategies including Networking, Interviewing and Retirement/Lifestyle Coaching. She also specialized in delivering workshops and providing onsite support services, tailored to employees at all levels, who were affected by plant downsizings or closures.

Rosemary draws on her own varied background in Banking, Sales, Marketing/Product Management (CIBC and American Express) and entrepreneurial experience (Redfern & Associates Ltd) to relate to and empower clients as they navigate their career path. She also administers Psychometric Testing Tools to evaluate skills and to provide insight into personal and work-related motivators. Rosemary is personally invested in seeing clients succeed and brings enthusiasm and a collaborative approach to make things happen.